Impotence is the inability of men to perform sexual intercourse. The causes of this problem are many: depression, alcohol abuse, stress, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pres-sure, poor blood circulation, lack of communication with your partner, lack of exercise and so on. At first, the man suffering from impotency observes in the primary stage that his erections become weaker and last considerably less, in time, this problem worsens leading to the inability to have an erection.

Our recommendations:

1. Food has a significant role in the proper functioning of the body, even for the quality of erection.

In general, a healthy diet includes all foods that provide a sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Avoid processed foods, high in fats and sugar (to keep your cholesterol levels within normal levels). High levels of cholesterol can lead to poor blood flow in the penis, and thus to impotence. Another advantage of a balanced and healthy diet is that it improves sleep. It has been proved that a restful sleep reduces stress, which is a major cause of impotence. Follow a healthy diet and you will notice an improvement in 7 days.

2. Regular exercise has a double effect on the body. During exercise, the body re-leases endorphins and it is well known that they reduce stress levels. In combination with a  healthy and balanced diet, the exercises will further reduce cholesterol and will improve blood circulation in the penis. When you start an exercise program, make sure that the difficulty level is suited for you. If you have not been exercising regularly, then start with something easy, like walking, walking, swimming, and then you can change to a more advanced exercise program. Not only that you will improve the quality of erection, but the intercourse will last longer.

3. Recommended Remedies for Long-term Treatment:

We recommend celery capsules/tincture with maca and damiana. They will increase sexual performance and are also a good aphrodisiac.

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