Ear and Nasal Hygiene in Babies


Many parents think that baby's ears should be cleaned in the same way as those of adults. Nothing could be more wrong. Q-tips can be very harmful for baby's ears. Often, these Q-tips drive the dead skin, the ear wax and other impurities closer to the eardrum. The same thing happens with any other product that you can think to use.

The ear wax that accumulates in the baby's ear and that leaves the impression that is dirt, has in fact, an antiseptic role and protects against dust.

The cerumen, the substance which is popularly known as ear wax, is actually a combination of chemical substances that are produced by the same glands of the body that help maintain skin hydration. This is produced along the ear canal, but is transported to the external ear due to jaw movements. The external ear can be locally cleaned with moist cotton.

There are Q-tips specially designed for babies on the market. Their end is shaped like a cotton bell. Although these products were tested and it has been proved that they do not affect the child's inner ear, it is important that parents use them with great care.

In case your baby has a ear wax plug, do not try to take it out yourself. Ask the help of your pediatrician!

Nasal Hygiene in Babies

The parent has the responsibility to clean the baby's nose carefully and regularly. Remember that the baby's hygiene is as important as for an adult. The parents have to make sure that every part of the baby's body is clean. A clean baby is a happy and healthy baby. The baby's nose should be clean so that he can eat and breathe properly. Although  it may seem like a difficult thing, cleaning a baby's nose is not impossible. So that this operation does not turn into a nightmare, you can consider the tips provided below.

How to clean a baby's nose?

1. Maintain an adequate moisture in the room. During winter, the air can be very dry in the apartment due to heat from the radiator. To diminish air dryness, you can place a cup of cold water on the radiator or if you want to make everything easier, use a humidifier. Make sure that you clean the humidifier as indicating in the instructions. It is better if this is not located next to the baby's bed.

2. Moist the nasal mucosa with physiological serum or with a physiological solution that is liguid. It is not recommend to use a nasal spray because it can affect the baby's sensitive nose.

3. If a baby has a stuffy nose for a longer period of time, you can use a special pump for nose cleaning which is equipped with a rubber balloon. Before using the pump, remember to moist the nasal mucosa with physiological serum or a solution  of seawater. After every use, make sure you wash the pump carefully.

4.Clean the baby's nose before meals and not after, because there are high chances that he might vomit if his stomach is full.

5.The baby's nose should be cleaned up to three times daily. Only at the recommendation of the pediatrician, you can  clean it more often.

6. When the baby is going to have more than six months, you will need help when cleaning his nose because most babies do not like this at all.


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