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Tumor diseases have appeared more and more frequently in the recent decades. 

This is due to several factors that are characteristic for the modern lifestyle: increased levels of pollution and radiation, chemical food, excessive consumption of stimulants (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, caffeine), chronic psychological stress and oxidative stress (free radicals excess can cause mutations in the cellular DNA, cell destruction and the appearance of many forms of cancer), sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Cancer cells are abnormal cells - with metabolic alterations - which gives them a greater capacity to multiply, similar to that of embryonic cells. These atypical cells multiply erratically and, in time, lead to the destruction of the body. They extend first of all by invading the organ from which they started, and then the nearby tissues and organs and ultimately they migrate via the blood and lymphatic system - forming metastases or even tumors away from the starting point.

The Citonat Antitumoral product contains some of the most remarkable medicinal plants of  Romanian and international flora, whose antimutagenic, antitumoral, radioprotective and regenerative properties are scientifically verified.


antitumoral, antimutagenic, it induces tumor cell apoptosis, it inhibits angiogenesis, the cell nuclear factor kappa B (transcription factor associated with oncogenesis), it inhibits tumor growth, it is immunostimulatory and it stimulates the secretion of interferon, and of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α), of interleukins 1,2,8, B cells, NK cells (natural killer), T suppressor cells, and macrophages, it protects against radiation, it reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and cobaltotherapy, it is antioxidant.


It is used as adjunctvant in: tumors localized in different parts of the body, chemotherapy and radiation, viral infection (particularly chronic viral hepatitis), radiation, immune deficiencies.

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