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What is Arthrosis and How to Treated it?

Arthrosis is a condition in which the cartilage deteriorates and becomes softer and thinner. This process can occur especially in the neck, back, knees, hips, fingers and toes  joints. It is a chronic rheumatic disease  with slow evolution, but gradual. It is the most common and affects more women than men. In older individuals, this difference disappears and this suffering can be found in equal proportions in both sexes.

How does arthrosis appear?

No one knows exactly what causes it, but several factors can be considered. First of all, it would be the hereditary factor, then another one is the extended overuse of joints, for example due to overweight, very hard work, extremely demanding sport or due to a sport injury. This is not the main cause of arthrosis, but these conditions can lead to an earlier installation of the disease or to a faster evolution.

How to make a diagnosis in case of this disease ?

First, in order to diagnose any disease, the doctor will use the information he will get from his patient and from the physical examination, and depending on the problems he finds, he will continue the investigation. The same happens in the case of arthrosis. Sometimes, the doctor will ask for X-rays, but they are not always conclusive. It is possible that the X-ray looks normal, although the patient is a lot of pain. Arthrosis can not be diagnosed based on blood tests, but if the doctor is considering other diseases, then he  will need specific analyses.

What can be noticed in case of arthrosis?

The first problem that a patient feels is the pain, which can occur in any joint affected by arthrosis. Besides the pain, many people suffer from joint stiffness, especially after a period of rest. Painful and stiff joints are more difficult to move, so we can talk about limitations of movement. Also, sometimes the joint could be swollen, and this is the result of an inflammation and the production of excess liquid in the joints. In a more serious stage of arthrosis, the bone position may change.

What is the treatment for arthrosis?

There is a therapy through exercises that help keep muscles and joints functioning and there are also drugs against the pain and stiffness. In an advanced stage, the joints could  be so affected that surgery of replacing the joint with an artificial one might be necessary. The doctor will recommend painkillers or anti-inflammatory or if the problems intensify, he might make a referral to a specialist, a physical therapist, an orthopedist or an rheumatologist. There are no drugs to cure arthrosis, but the pain can be somewhat lowered with analgesics, currently, the most commonly used is the paracetamol. In case this is not enough, your doctor may prescribe the so-called NSAIDs, which reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness. Also, it is possible to use a  variety of creams and injections.

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