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We all want a healthy lifestyle, but are we totally committed to make it a reality? In fact, a healthy lifestyle implies much more than to only eat  organic products. What does it take? It implies practising sports, drinking an appropriate amount of liquids and  in-depth knowledge about products and how to eat them.  Then, appear the questions about which sport would be more indicated, how much liquids should we drink, what products are good and how should they be eaten. In this article, I will try to discuss about every key points of a healthy lifestyle.


Sport is necessary to improve flexibility, coordination and balance, to control blood pressure, to reduce anxiety and depression, to increase life expectancy, to maintain the muscular tone, etc. All these reasons should lead us to choose a sport to practise. But which would be the most indicated? We all have different lifestyles, so the sport that suits you best is the one that you enjoy, in which you can find yourself and for which is a pleasure to make time. We all might have practised different kinds of sports, but from all these which do we follow currently? If you continued practising a sport, it means you are happy and that you can have a healthy lifestyle.

If that is not the case, it is not a problem, you can start right now, look in your agenda, find a free half hour and go to a fitness room or to the closest park. What can you do there? There are several possibilities, from running to doing all sorts of exercises that will help you. If you do not have time for that, you can find exercises that you can do at home on the internet.


Normally, we have to drink at least 2 litres of liquids daily. But what does liquid actually mean? For example, the water that we drink and the water that we get from fruits and vegetables. The amount of necessary water varies from person to person. If you have an active lifestyle, then the liquid intake should be higher, but not exaggerated because liquids in large amounts can lead to the elimination of minerals from the body.

Bio Products

We are all used to these products and we know what Bio means. It is true that for a healthy lifestyle it is advisable to eat Bio products, but also to be careful how to combine them. A healthy lifestyle involves three main and two secondary meals. The main meals consist mostly of  proteins and vegetables or carbohydrates, and the secondary ones consists of fruits. Everything that is fried has to be completely avoided. It is recommend to eat baked or boiled foods. I believe that we all know about the negative effects that sugar has on the body. For this reason, it is better to consume it in smaller quantities, also, we can keep our weight under control and avoid hypoglycaemia. The amount of salt and pepper should be reduced, and these can be replaced with aromatic herbs. Oleaginous seeds can be eaten, but with moderation because they contain a lot of calories.

Source :http://www.informatiiprofesionale.ro

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