6 foods that give you great skin and boost your health!


Diet for a preaty, healthy and young skin

6 foods that give you great skin and boost your health!

The foods in your kitchen are just as important for keeping skin soft , fresh and  smooth, and glowing as the creams in your bathroom.

Find below your new get-gorgeous grocery list!


  1. Yogurt prevents wrinkles

Although avoiding of dairy is often a doctors' recommendation when we have face problems, proteins in yogurt can sustain firmness af your skin, so be more resistant to wrinkles, so that it is more resistant to wrinkles, so that it is more resistant to wrinkles. Greek yogurt is particularly effective in this regard, having a considerable amount of protein, almost double that of a normal yogurt.

HippoTIPS:  Eat one serving of yogurt daily to make your skin smoother to relieve irritations of a dry and sensitive skin.

  1. Extra virgin olive oil

This healthy fat contains essential fatty acids that help skin resist UV damage, finds a Lancet Oncology study. EFAs are also part of the cell membranes that help hold in moisture. The body can't synthesize EFAs, so consume about 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily to keep skin supple.

HippoTIPS: Recent research suggests that hydroxytyrosol, a component in olive oil, lowers cholesterol and helps prevent obesity and diabetes by revving the energy centers in your cells. Using it at meals also warded off the next round of hunger pains in one study, so you're less likely to snack

  1. Apples - natural SPF

Quercetin, an antioxidant in the peel of many varieties, provides hefty protection from the "burning" UVB rays that trigger skin cancer. A few offering the biggest dose: Monroe, Cortland, and Golden Delicious. The next time you plan to spend time in the sun, pick one of them to start your day (of course, you still need to wear sunscreen). Also, eating two or more apples a week for 1 year reduced the risk of dying from heart disease by 15% in one study of 34,000 healthy post-menopausal women.

HippoTIPS: Whatever variety you choose, be sure to eat the peel, the source of nearly all the antioxidants.

  1. The berries and mango - antioxidants for skin

Among berries will have only to choose the ones you like the most, or strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries or blackberries, all are full of vitamin C that will ensure skin young and you protect your skin against inflammation. Strawberry 150 g contain almost 130% of the recommended daily vitamin C, which will support the production of collagen to keep the skin soft and firm. More vitamin C also meant fewer wrinkles.

Studies have also found that ellagic acid, an antioxidant abundant in strawberries protects the elastic fibers from damage. And not all, studies have shown that strawberry summing up leads and inhibiting the production of malignant cancer cells. Mango has a content of about 80% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin A, which will help you maintain healthy skin on the entire body.

  1. Carrots and sweet potatoes as antiaging and anti acne treatment

Since I mentioned mango for vitamin A intake, then I have to mention carrots also, which contain beta carotene, which is converted as it is about hard into vitamin A in the body, but even so, consumption of carrots and sweet potatoes will be a good anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-acne.

  1. Softens your skin with walnuts and almonds

Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids, which can improve skin elasticity. Nuts are full of copper, a mineral that boosts collagen production. Consume a handful of nuts every day to improve the texture of your skin and remove corns. There are certain products that contain ground nuts which acts as a face scrub.

Almonds or soaked in water overnight and eaten raw helps a healthy dose of water retention in the body, essential for skin hydration and healthy appearance conferring. Nut fatty acids help maintain cell membranes supporting and removing harmful toxins from the body.

HippoTips: Though nuts are high in calories, women who ate them at least twice a week were less likely to gain weight than those who rarely did, in a new study of over 50,000 women.

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