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Your Privacy and Security are a Top Priority at  S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC website is legally owned and managed by S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC., a romanian concern with headquarters in Romania, Bucharest Municipality, Str. Horia Macelariu, No 23-25, Bl 11/5, sc A, ap 12 Bucharest county, Distric 2 with identification number R.C.  J36/436/2013 and C.U.I. 32399113.

S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC. is a Romanian private company, legally established acording to the Law 31/1990, regarding the organisation and functioning of the comercial companies, republished with subsequent amendments.

The entire content of the webpages is protected by the romanian and international copyright, by Law no 8/1996 regarding the copyright and related rights, republished with subsequent amendments, by the norms established by the Romanian Copyright Office, founded by the Law 8/1996 and coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and by the rules establised by the The World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO). S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLCrespects the active privacy laws. Our company commits itself not to disclose the users personal information and only to use them in order to establish contact with the customers and to inform themon issues related tothe functioning of the websiteandits offers.

S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC. does not use and encourage spam, as defined by the Law 506/2004 (art. 12), regarding the processing of the personal data and privacy in the electronic communication area,  republished with subsequent amendments and completions.

S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC.strictly complies with both domestic and international legal norms, regarding the protection of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications area, legal norms established by the Art.26, Art.28, Art.31of the Romanian Constitution and does not send e-mails to the users/buyers only after their acceptance and only in regard with the order they placed.

Electronic messages that contain information about news and promotions (Newsletter) defined as: “Periodical, quarterly, monthlyor weekly newsletter, published by a commercial company, including news and informations (activities, projects, etc.) intended for a well defined local audience: clients, distributors, employees, public, public organisations, etc” are sent by S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC. only to users/buyers that expressed prior consent.

The clients can unsubscribe to our newsletter at any time by clicking the link on the bottom of the page.

Google, as a third party provider, uses cookies to publish ads on the website use by Google,through the DART cookies,makes it possible for the users to publish ads, based on their interest in recent online activities. The users can renounce the use of DART cookies by visiting the Google privacy policy. This may affect the functionality of the browsing or authentication on certain websites.

The online store allows the viewing of the marketed products and the specifications of the manufacturer and also the registration of orders on purchasing one or more products.

Informations regarding the products and the registrations of orders for the purchase of the products involves:

a) unconditional acceptance by you as a visitor/customer of these"Terms and Conditions";

b) your acceptance as a visitor/customer on the useof an e-mail adress as a means of distance communication;

c) your acceptance as a visitor/customer on the fact that if, in regard to one or more products sold via the online store, references to other sites will be made, S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC does not guarantee and/orcertifies in any way the type of information or content that you will find on these sites. It is up to you if you want to access or not these sites and take or no tinto account the information found on these sites. S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC can not be held responsible for their contents or the safety/risk posed by accessing them;

d) the pictures of the products sold via the online store site along with related information of the administration and use and technical specifications have a purely indicative and presentation purpose, and are made ​​available for you (as a visitor/customer) inaccordance with the manufacturer, suppliers/distributors or authorized representatives;

e) the products marketed by S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC via the online store have a standard warranty offered by each brand/product;

f) every product marketed by S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC via theonline store will have the ofthe warranty of the manufacturer (pdf or word format) and a user guide (instructions manual) compiled by the manufacturer in accordance with the rules and legal norms ineffect;

g) S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC is not responsible in any way for situationsof any naturearising from theuse, in any way,of the products purchased via the online store;

h) S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC does not guarantee, either express lynorimplicitly, the factt hat the products sold via the online storethe match or fit any particular purpose. By accepting these"Terms and Conditions" you, asa visitor/customer, directly express your agreement to the fact that buying and using products sold via the online store is made at your own risk.

The use of any element on the website without the approval of the S.C. CEBROM BUSINESS LLC is punishable by law.


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