Mate Tea without stems 500gr

mate tea without stems
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Product Name:Mate Tea without stems  500gr

Pharmaceutic Form: 500 gr

INDICATIONS for the Mate Tea
 -people who practice a lot of physical activities or special sports.


  -it improves the body's defense system;
  -it protects cell destruction;
  -it provides the body with essential minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and manganese, which prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

  -it works by stimulating the nervous system;
  -it  improves mental activities;
  -it increases energy;
  -it helps to a better concentration.

 -put in a cup the yerba mate leaves, cover them with your hand and shake at least until the finest particles unloose from the leaves;
 -pour hot water (70 degrees Celsius), insert the straw without mixing and add more water if necessary;
 -then leave to infuse for a few minutes and serve it with the "Bombilla" straw avoiding thus sipping what is left from the crushed leaves;
  -the infusion can be repeated 10-15 times with the same leaves because the leaves do not easily lose their flavor and properties;
  -it can be prepared like any other type of tea and strained before being poured into the cup;
  -another way of preparation would be for Mate to be placed in a coffee filter and prepared as such;
  -it can be drunk cold, with ice, in the hot summer days.
Manufacturer: ADAMS VISION

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