Valerian Tincture 50 ml

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Product Name: Valerian Tincture, 50 ml

Content: 50 ml

Information Leaflet:

Internal Use :

  -nervous spasmodic contractions, febrile convulsions, epilepsy,
  -insomnia, insomnia in people who have black or obsessive thoughts;
  -hysteria, excitement and nervousness;
  -neurosis, nervous fatigue;
  -depression, anxiety;
  -menopausal disorders;
  - uterine spasms, painful menstruation, very abundant menstrual cycle (hypermenorea);
  - sexual hyper-excitability, nymphomania;
  -premature ejaculation;
  -dizziness, headaches, nervous headaches;
  -neuralgia, sciatica;
  -hypertension, palpitations;
  -tremors of various etiologies;
  -acute asthma, nervous cough;
  -intermittent fever;
  -bloating, gastric and intestinal fermentation, diarrhea, chronic skin diseases, intestinal worms.

External Use: neuralgia.


Internal Action:

strong anticonvulsant, good antidepressant, medium-weak anti-diabetic, good antiepileptic, medium antifebrile, strong antispasmodic, it is very effective in calming the nervous system (its intensity is directly proportional to the dose), weak carminative, medium diuretic, hypotensive, sedative, very good antispasmodic, timoleptic (psycho stabiliser), soothing (in high doses), medium vermifuge.
External Action: good antineuralgic, painkiller.


purified water, ethyl alcohol (40% of its volume), valerian (Valeriana officinalis) roots 27%.
plant/alcohol ratio - 1:3,7
The product contains no preservatives and artificial colouring agents.

Directions for Use:

Internal Use: the regular dose is of 1 teaspoon of tincture diluted in 100 ml (half a cup) of water, 3-4 times per day.
External Use : apply compresses on the affected areas .

High doses are contraindicated in cases of paralysis.
The excessive use of valerian tincture can cause  state of mental slowness.

In the ayurvedic traditional medicine, the hydro-alcoholic extract of valerian is often associated with that of calamus, which balances the strong sedative effect of valerian.

Manufacturer: DACIA PLANT

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