Supless Anti-Cellulite Concentrated Serum 200ml

Supless Anti Cellulite
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Product Name: Supless Anti-Cellulite Concentrated Serum, 200ml

Content: 200ml

Information Leaflet:
Ingredients: Caffeine, ivy, chestnut. It does not contain parabens.
Indications: Supless Anti-Cellulite Concentrated Serum is an intensive treatment for 14 days, created especially for persistent cellulite.
Effects: The combined and concentrated action of active substances (cafeisilane, ivy and chestnut) enhances the fat burning process in the tissues, reducing the cellulite appearance and stimulating drainage. The Supless serum is a very intensive treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite (the orange peel aspect) and to lose centimetres.
Cafeisilane is a innovative complex which contains silanol and caffeine. It has effects on the metabolism of adipocytes in tissues, favouring lipolysis (fats degradation from adipocytes and their elimination from tissues through drainage) and slows lipogenesis (fats formation and storage as adipocytes).
Ivy extract contains: glycosides, flavonoids, pectin, mineral salts; it enhances circulation and improves vascular and lymphatic drainage in the areas affected by cellulite.
Chestnut extract obtained from the chestnuts, contains mainly escine which is anti-inflammatory and tonic. It improves blood microcirculation, helping to eliminate fats from the tissues.

Directions for Use:
Apply the product to the affected areas daily for at least 14 days. For more efficiency, use exfoliating shower gel Supless, at least twice a week.
Effects: After 14 days, it reduces thigh circumference with 2 cm and the skin is with 80% leaner and with 75% firmer (proven results).
The Supless line combines the most effective and popular natural ingredients (caffeine, ivy, chestnut) with experience in creating cosmetics for women to tackle all the effects of cellulite in a fast, effectively and healthy way.
Offer confidence and beauty to your body! With Supless!

Manufacturer: GEROCOSSEN

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