St. John's Wort Tincture 50 ml

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Product Name: St. John's Wort Tincture, 50 ml

Content: 50 ml

Information Leaflet:


medium-weak antibiotic, antidepressant, anti-diarrhoeal, intestinal anti-inflammatory (it acts mainly on the putrefaction flora), medium antispasmodic, excelent antioxidant and sedative, reduces liver inflammation, medium-low hypotensive, external vasodilator: medium-low antifungal and antiviral, medium anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, healing, decongestant, anti irritant, calming the itching.

Internal Use:
- A, B and C hepatitis, chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis, dyspepsia, jaundice, biliary dyskinesia, cholelithiasis, gallbladder inflammation: take 3-4 teaspoons per day. Each teaspoon is dilluted in at least 100 ml (half a cup) of water. It combines well with artichoke and hairy willowherb tincture;
- stomach spasms, gastric ulcer, hyperacid gastritis: take 1 teaspoon of tincture, with 15-20 minutes before each meal. It combines well with lime and comfrey tincture, in equal proportions. It has higher efficiency in the treatment of ulcer and gastritis, that appear as a result of stress, and nervousness;
- symptomatic and reactive depression, insomnia, enuresis, sleep terror (pavor nocturnus), psychovegetative syndrome: take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, on an empty stomach;
- cholecystitis: take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. In combination with artichoke and chamomile tincture, it gives exceptional results.

External Use:
 - itchy skin, low to medium severity wounds: apply a large quantity of undiluted tincture on the wounds, by using a cotton swab;
- burns, wounds, skin rashes accompanied by pain and strong itching: put 3 teaspoons of tincture in a clean dish and let it evaporate at room temperature for 1-3 hours, until a brown yellowish paste is formed, with a very low alcohol content. This paste is then applied on the affected areas.
It is also recommended in case of genital infections accompanied by pain and intense itching.


purified water, ethyl alcohol (40% of its volume), St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) - aerial parts (27%).  

plant / ethyl alcohol ratio – 1:3,7
The product contains no preservatives and no artificial colouring agents.

Due to its alcohol content, it is not recommended in: viral, toxic and metabolic  hepatitis, hepatic steatosis or cirrhosis, pregnancy and breastfeeding, photosensitivity, allergy to any of the product's ingredients (St. John's Wort) or treatments that do not allow alcohol consumption.

Directions for Use:
Internal Use:
The regular dose is 1 teaspoon of tincture diluted in 100 ml (half a cup) of water, 3-4 times a day.

It is very important to dilute the tincture with water in case of hepatic disorders, gastric and psychic diseases, because the pure, undiluted alcohol may cause serious problems in these cases.
Manufacturer: DACIA PLANT

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