Super Protein R 90 900 g

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Product Name: Super Protein R 90  900 g

Content: 900 g

Information Leaflet:


It is a high quality protein concentrate obtained from milk. It has vanilla, chocolate, and tutti frutti flavour. It contains no sugar.

Directions for Use:
You should take one portion of 30 g, several times a day, up to the limit of 1.5-2 g of proteins per kg of bodyweight. Mix it with milk, juice or water. The daily intake of fluids is important for keeping you healthy. It contains no sugar. The measure inside the pack contains 30 g.
Energy value / portion (30 g - a cup): 113 kcal (473 kJ).

Milk protein concentrate, sodium caseinate, aspartame (a source of phenylalanine) and flavours.

It is helpful to increase the muscle mass without the accumulation of a fat layer. It is a high quality protein concentrate obtained from milk. It is recommended to athletes and consumers who need quality protein food: it is good for children, the elderly or people who make physical effort.
Note: The product is a dietary supplement. It does not replace a balanced diet. Consumers are advised not to exceed the recommended daily doses and to carefully read the information on the label. The product must be kept out of reach of young children.

It is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes.

The product must be stored in its original packaging, away from heat and moisture.

Nutritional Information: Nutritional Information /portion (30 g – 1 cup)

·      L- aspartic acid    374 m

·      L- glutamic acid    1149 mg

·      Carbohydrates    0,60 g

·      Fats    0,15 g

·      L- arginine    186 mg

·      L-phenylalanine    1281 mg

·      L-isoleucine    1567 mg

·      L-Leucine    569 mg

·      L-Lysine    2116 mg

·      L-Methionine    711 mg

·      L-Proline    542 mg

·      L-Tyrosine    341 mg

·      L-valine    1838 mg

·      L-histidine    161 mg

·      L-serine    302 mg

·      L-threonine    1259 mg

·      L-tryptophan    455 mg

·      Minerals    1,05 g

·      Proteins    27,00 g

Manufacturer: REDIS

Does not come with instructions in English!

Please, read the item`s description for instructions!

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