Perfect Figure Tea Purification and Drainage 20 teabags

Perfect Figure Tea
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Product Name: Perfect Figure Tea Purification and Drainage, 20 teabags

Form: 20 teabags

Information Leaflet:

Ingredients: senna leaves (Sennae folium), hibiscus flowers (Hibiscos flos) elderflowers (Sambuci flos), green tea leaves (Thea folium), licorice root (Liquiritiae radix).

Effects: Drainage, elimination of metabolic residues, favours the fat burning process.  


Slimming diets. The infusion is a pleasant tasting drink, tonic and invigorating, and for this reason, during the diet, you will not have the feeling of weakness.


Do not administrate to children under 12 years, pregnant and breastfeeding women, in cases of diarrhea or dehydration. The elderly should not use it longer than 10 consecutive days.

Side Effects and Interactions:

At recommended doses, there have not been reported any side effects or drug interactions.

Preparation Method:

Pour 200 ml boiling water over a teabag and leave it for 15 minutes.

Directions for Use:

Drink 2 cups a day, in the morning and evening, separately from eating and unsweetened. You should drink it for 6-8 weeks and then take a break for a month. If the laxative effect is too intense, reduce the dose to a 1 cup per day or every 2 days, in the evening, depending on the individual digestive tolerance.

Manufacturer: FARES

Does not come with instructions in English!

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