Protein Forte 60 tabs

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Product Name: Protein Forte, 60 tabs

Pharmaceutical Form: 60 tablets

Patient Information Leaflet:


One tablet contains 350.00 mg of spirulina biomass (Spirulina platensis), 317.00 mg of celery leaf proteins (Apii graveolentidis folium), 0.10 mg of lavender essential oil (Lavandulae aetheroleum), 0.10 mg fennel essential oil (Foeniculi aetheroleum) and excipients (lactose, corn starch, aerosil, polyvinylpyrrolidone K30, talc) up to 850.00 mg.

Directions for Use :
Take 2 – 3 tablets, 3 times per day, after meals.

The product contains lactose!

Indications :

The product is destined to supplement your diet in order to help the physiological functions of the body; to correct protein, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies; to protect liver cells; to stimulate the sexual activity; to fight against anemia; to balance the immune system in the presence of acute and chronic bacterial or viral infections; to increase body resistance to infections; to fight against mental and physical fatigue, or stress; it is very helpful in times of physical and intellectual exhaustion, or convalescence after febrile diseases; it acts as a general tonic.

Action :

It provides the body with a significant intake of proteins, vitamins, trace elements, vegetable pigments (phycocyanins, carotenoids), and plant hormones (phytohormones); it has an energizing action, it stimulates the physical and mental balance; it is a general tonic because it balances the nutritional intake; it is adaptogenic.

Manufacturer: HOFIGAL

Does not come with instructions in English!

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