Pine Oil 10 ml

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Product Name: Pine Oil, 10 ml

Content: 10 ml

Information Leaflet:


Ingredients: essential pine oil (Pinus silvestris), which includes: pinene, limonene, silvestren.

Pine is a conifer that grows mainly in northeastern Russia, Scandinavia and northern Europe. Currently, there are over 80 known species of this magnificent tree.

Almost unknown to the ancient Egyptian civilization, the pin was highly valued by the Greeks and Arabs, who recognized its curative qualities. It was used mainly in inhalations. It was ascertained that populations living near pine forests rarely had respiratory problems.

Essential oil vapors reach the airways together with the inspiration, causing several beneficial effects.

Use it for your body and soul:

Pine essential oil is great for refreshing the scent in the rooms, when used in  the aromatherapy lamp.

A pleasant way to relieve the stress and the fatigue of a long day is to take a bath with pine oil.

Pine oil is useful in weakness and fatigue, it eases breathing and eliminates respiratory discomfort. It brings a fresh and positive approach to life.

Directions for Use:

External use, in the aromatheraphy lamp, in massage, inhalation or bath water.

Manufacturer: FARES

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