Normoflux 60 caps

Normoflux  60 caps
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Product Name: Normoflux, 60 caps

Pharmaceutical Form: 60 capsules

Patient Information Leaflet:



 shepherd's purse (bursae pastoris herba) 90 mg; nettle (Urticae herba);  chestnut leaves (Castanea folium), lady's mantle (Alchemillae herba), oak bark (Quercus cortex) 30 mg; total 10:1 extract of raspberry leaves (folium Rubi idaea) 30 mg.

Shepherd's Purse takes its name after its fruit shaped like a bag. It is a plant renowned for its haemostatic, vasoconstrictive properties at the level of the uterus, it is traditionally used both internally and externally to treat various types of bleeding. It is very useful for women who experience uterine bleeding due to menstrual disorders, metrorrhagia during puberty or menopause, metritis.

Lady's Mantle is known for being used to treat female genital diseases. In German, it is called "Frauenmantel" - women's coat or "Frauenknraut" - the plant of women. Its anti-inflammatory action, coupled with the uterotonic, haemostatic and healing effect makes it useful against leucorrhea, abnormally frequent and abundant menstrual bleeding, anexitis and menopausal disorders, with or without erosions, ulcers and bleedings (hypermenorea, metrorrhagia, haemorrhagic cystitis).

Nettle has been widely used by healers around the world for centuries. In Brazilian ethnomedicine, it is used against excessive menstrual bleeding. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-haemorrhagic, and bleeding stopping due to its content of vitamin K and tannins. It treats various gynecological disorders: abundant menstruation, meno-metrorrhagia, uterine fibroids, leucorrhoea, vaginitis. In addition, nettle is known for treating anemia, having an haematopoietic, vitaminizing and remineralizing action.

Chestnut leaves contain 95% tannin, vitamin K and other substances, which confer their important astringent and haemostatic properties. Tannins give its astringent taste and manifest their haemostatic action by the precipitation of red blood cells. Vitamin K, also known as an effective anti-haemorrhagic, plays a role in blood clotting, being the main element in the synthesis of coagulation factors.

Oak is one of the most widespread trees, especially highly valued for it medical purpoes, whose bark is very used in phytotherapy. It has a high content of tannins, the substances that give its astringent, healing, and antiseptic properties. It helps in the treatment of  uterine bleeding, abundant menstrual cycle, leukorrhea, stomach disorders, haemorrhoids and diarrhea.

Raspberry leaves have anti-inflammatory, astringent, decongestant properties, and function as an uterine tonic. These are effective in relieving menstrual pain, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, menorrhagia (increasing abundant bleeding) and uterine bleeding (bleeding between menstrual flows).




 -uterine vasoconstrictor


 - uterine bleeding: menorrhagia, hypermenorea, uterine fibroids


It is not recommended in cases of hypersensitivity to any of the product's ingredients.

In constipation, it is recommended to take a laxative because the plants found in the composition of the Normoflux capsules  have a high content of tannins with an astringent effect.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding:

Not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers because of its possible effects in stimulating the uterine contractions. Active substances may pass into the breast milk and may alter its taste.

Side effects and drug interactions:

This product can be used together with other medicines.

At the recommended doses, no side effects have been reported.

Directions for Use

 For hypermenorea: 1-2 capsules are taken 4-6 times daily between meals, during menstruation.

 For metrorrhagia accompanying uterine fibroids: 1-2 capsules are taken  4-6 times daily between the meals, during the hyemorrhage, afterwards oit is recommended to continue with 1-2 capsules 3 times a day. The duration of the treatment is of 2-4 months, or as recommended by your doctor.

Effectiveness evaluation

The "Normoflux" capsules were given for to patients who had haemorrhagic metropathy, menometrorrhagia, polimenorea for 1 month.

 It was reported that the symptoms were relieved up to disappearance  in the case of these patients. 90% of the patients interrupted the pre-existing allopathic medication, continuing the treatment exclusively with Normoflux capsules and 10% initiated therapy with these capsules.

 The product did not cause side effects and was well tolerated.

 Manufacturer: FARES

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