Magnesium forte with Vitamin B6 5 blister packs with 10 film-coated tablets

Magnesium Forte with Vitamin
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Product Name: Magnesium forte with Vitamin B6, 50 film-coated tabs

Pharmaceutical Form: box of 5 blister packs with 10 film-coated tablets

Patient Information Leaflet:


Deficiency of magnesium and / or vitamin B6 may occur due to a low intake of magnesium (because of an unbalanced diet, during weight loss programmes), alcohol consumption, stress, strenuous exercise, prolonged treatment with diuretics (eliminated through urine), digestive disorders (diarrhea, malabsorption syndromes) diabetes.

Magnesium deficiency can be a risk factor in osteoporosis for menopausal women, probably due to alterations in calcium metabolism.

Magnesium deficiency can affect virtually any organ or system of the body.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for cell life, about half of the content of magnesium in the body is found inside the cells which are components of tissues and organs. The rest is found in bone tissue, in combination with calcium and phosphorus.

As a necessary element for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, magnesium maintains normal muscle and nerve functions, keeps heart rhythm in physiological limits and enhances the development of strong bones.

It is also involved in energetic metabolism (it is involved in the transformation of blood sugar into energy) and protein synthesis.

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the normal development of many physiological processes, and association with magnesium is beneficial because vitamin B6 promotes the absorption and retention of magnesium in the body.

Effects of magnesium deficiency:

- The striated muscle: tics, cramps, tension and muscle fatigue, back and neck pain,sighed frequently;

- The smooth muscles: constipation, bladder spasms, menstrual cramps;

- The central nervous system: insomnia, anxiety, hyperactivity, anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), premenstrual irritability, sensitivity to loud noises;

- The peripheral nervous system: numbness, tingling, and other abnormal sensations;

-The cardiovascular system: palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias, angina consecutive coronary spasm, hypertension, mitral valve prolapse.

Magnesium deficiency does not imply all these manifestations, but many of them usually appear together.

Other general symptoms include craving for salty foods, appetite or intolerance to carbohydrate (especially chocolate), brittle hair and nails.

Ingredients: magnesium lactate dihydrate 0.470 g, Vitamin B6 0.005 g

Directions for Use:

1 film-coated tablet a day.

Manufacturer: BIOFARM


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