LiverHelp-Detoxifying & Hepatoprotective Tea 300 g

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Product Name: LiverHelp-Detoxifying & Hepatoprotective Tea 300 g

Content: 300 g

Information Leaflet:


LiverHelp is a dietary supplement, administered as a tea, and it is obtained from a blend of specific medicinal plants.
The liver, which is also known as the "central laboratory" of the body, needs the best to function properly, LiverHelp is a 100% natural product, which contains no preservatives,no colouring agents, nor other chemical additives. It contains only plants selected from unpolluted areas: milk thistle fruits, dandelion, flowers of red clover, blue gentiana root, licorice root.

 How does LiverHelp work?
LiverHelp-Detoxifying & Hepatoprotective Tea is recommended as an adjunct in:
 - detoxification
 - hepatobiliary disorders
 - fatty liver
 - high cholesterol
 - normalization the level of blood sugar

Due to the plants it contains, LiverHelp protects the liver from the destructive action of some powerful toxins.
Moreover, the silymarin found in the composition of milk thistle helps the lipoperoxidative protection of the liver from the action of powerful toxins and alcohol. Also, it helps to increase the regeneration capacity of the liver tissue, to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, it helps the already damaged liver cells to recover, and it is also helpful in cases of cirrhosis and liver failure.
 After drinking the LiverHelp tea for a while (the recommended period), you can achieve great results for the liver's health and that of the biliary tract, because the product stimulates bile secretion and reduces the risk of developing gallstones.
 It acts as an useful adjunct in: anorexia, helminthiasis, obesity, gout. LiverHelp helps the liver to eliminate the toxins from the blood. During the period in which you are drinking the LiverHelp tea, you can even get good results in treating fever, as it can also lower it, having an antiviral and antibiotic action on some bacteria of the species Salmonella and Shigella.
 The tea helps you maintain healthy blood vessels, and it is also helpful in the case of rheumatism. Due to the effects of the progesterone and estrogen in its composition, it helps reducing the undesirable effects of menopause and menstrual pains.
 It helps in the treatment of hypoacid gastritis and in the maintenance of a good general condition of the entire digestive system.
 It helps in: viral A, B and C hepatitis, toxic hepatitis or cirrhosis.
 It helps in the treatment and cure of anemia, acne, cellulitis, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, intestinal fermentation, it reduces bloating and flatulence and it can be used as an incentive for diuresis.

Children under 12 years, pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers, people with serious conditions, recent surgery or people with allergies to any of the ingredients of the product should seek medical advice before using it.

Directions for Use :
LiverHelp is a dietary supplement, for the detoxification and protection of the liver. It is administered as a tea, for periods of at least one month, but it can also be taken after this period, ocasionally, in cases of liver's fatigue and of the whole body or in various digestive disorders (bloating, flatulence, hypoacid gastritis etc.)
Add two measuring teaspoons of LiverHelp in one litre of water, boil and simmer for at least one minute and a maximum of 2 minutes, then cover the tea, let it cool, strain and drink it unsweetened, twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.
Usual dosage: 1-2 teaspoons daily (5-10 g) administered as tea.
The maximum recommended dose: 2 teaspoons daily (10 g).
The required dose depending on weight:
- 50-75 kg - 1 teaspoon (5 g) per day;
- 75-100 kg - 1.5 teaspoon (7.5 g) per day;
- Over 100 kg - 2 teaspoons (10 grams) per day.
Inside the bottle, there is a measuring spoon. A full measuring spoon contains 5 g of product.

Important Notice: This product is not addictive and it can be used for long periods, as it helps in the maintenance and detoxification of the digestive system and especially that of the liver. If consumed for longer periods, it can reduce the risk of liver cancer!

Manufacturer: ZENYTH

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