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Herpatch Anti herpes
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Product Name: Herpatch Anti-herpes 

Content: 8 patches

Information Leaflet:
Anti-herpes patches are dissolvable and invisible / transparent and they
• speed healing without pain
• soothe burning and itching sensations
• remove pain

Herpatch Anti-herpes by Wartner contain dissolvable and transparent patches that help relieve pain and itching caused by herpes.

Due to the dissolving technology, the painful removal of the patch, which may cause breakage or open the wound, as can happen with other patches on the market, there is no longer a problem.

Herpatch patches are discreet and accelerate the healing of the herpes by creating an excellent healing environment and by relieving the pain and the burning sensation.

Herpatch patches by Wartner eliminate the suprainfection risk, protecting the herpes of dirt and bacteria, and also help to prevent the spread of the virus, while curing and masking it.

The duration of the herpes evolution is reduced and its recurrence will occur less frequently. You can apply lipstick or sunscreen just across the patch.


Herpatch patches contain ingredients that improve the skin condition and help the healing process.
The zinc sulphate has an astringent action that fortifies, tones and strengthens the skin layers.
The Beta-glucan soothes, protects and moisturizes the skin, helping to heal wounds.
Sulfate polysaccharides from a red microalgae help protect against exposure to sunlight and also have a protection and skin hydration role.


Herpatch by Wartner helps desensitization and herpes healing by forming a physical barrier around the affected area and by protecting the micro-environment of the affected area. The ultra-thin Herpatch patches can be used during the full cycle of the herpes, from the first signs of rash to healing.

Directions for Use:

• Before use, wash or rinse the affected area and then leave it moist. Moisture is necessary for the patches to adhere to the skin and to act on the herpes.
• Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Break a blister pack, open the foil and take out the patch. Next to the thin foil, the patch is slightly curved.
• Dip the patch in water for 2-6 seconds.
• Apply the slightly curved, concave side of the patch on the herpes, slightly touching the patch with your finger. Make sure that there are no air bubbles. If necessary, provide additional moisture.
• The patch will dissolve partly or completely in a few hours. If necessary, moist the area slightly to remove any undissolved parts of the patch.
• Wet the patch again with water or saliva when it tends to fall off while wearing it.
• Use 2 patches a day or more, if necessary.
• You can use Herpatch at any stage of the herpes evolution. However, we recommend you to apply patches from the first sign of rash.

A Herpatch box contains:
• 8 Anti-herpes patches 
• the leaflet with instructions for use.

Manufacturer: HIPOCRATE

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