Haemorrhoid Formula 25g

Haemorrhoid Formula
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Product Name: Haemorrhoid Formula,  25 g

Content: 25 g gel

Information Leaflet:
Haemorroid Formula removes pain, pressure, swelling, itching, irritation of the mucous membrane, increased sensitivity and burning sensations quickly and effectively.

Clinical studies have shown that immediately after the application of the gel, the active natural ingredients in the composition create a protective film, that is rich in active substances, that promotes rapid pain relief in the areas affected by haemorrhoids or anal fissures and that stops bleeding.

Immediately after the application of the gel, the pain disappears, and it is replaced by a cool sensation at the level of the affected area, which lasts for a few minutes and then turns into a pleasant feeling of warmth.

Haemorrhoid Formula can be safely used and it can be combined with any treatment or medication.

The product can be used by both men and  women (including before, during and after pregnancy) regardless of their age, and by children over 12 years.

Haemorroid Formula disinfects the rectal area, removing harmful bacteria (it has been proven that bacterial infections cause inflammation), it leads to the contraction of the inflamed blood vessels at the level of the affected area, helping to stop bleeding, it preserves the membrane and the cells of the rectal mucosal, it accelerates natural healing and normal closure of progressive anal fissures.

Haemorroid Formula is packed in an aluminum tube, and its content is isolated. The tube contains 25 g of gel, and a plastic applicator.

It contains no preservatives or ingredients of animal origin.

This product contains only natural active ingredients.


Haemorrhoid Formula is indicated in the relief and treatment of:

• hemorrhoids of any type or stage;

• bleedings at the level of the anorectal area, protecting the sensitive mucosa of the affected areas;

• anal fissure and anorectal care.

- Aloe Barbadensis extract;

- Triethanolamine;

- Carbomer;

- Geranium thunbergii extract;

- Pogostemon Cablin leaf extract;

- Water.

Directions for Use:
Haemorrhoid Formula is applied on the affected area, 4-6 or even more times a day, if needed.

For optimal results:

- Wash the rectal area after each stool or at least 2-3 times a day with alkaline soap;

- Apply the gel Haemorrhoid Formula;

- Continue the application until the complete healing of the affected area.

Duration of the Treatment:

Being a product based on natural active ingredients, Haemorrhoid Formula can be used for an undetermined period of time.


Avoid contact with the eyes.

In general, due to its natural ingredients, Haemorrhoid Formula is well tolerated. If you experience unwanted effects, stop applying the product and ask for the advice of your doctor or pharmacist.

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage Conditions:

Store at a temperature below 25 ͦ C, in the original packaging, away from moisture.  Keep out of reach of children.

Manufacturer: BIOELEMENTE 

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