Rosemary Shoot Gemoderivate 30 monodoses of 1.5 ml

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Product Name: Rosemary Shoot Gemoderivate 30 monodoses of 1.5 ml

Content: 30 monodoses of 1.5 ml

Information Leaflet:

It is recommended in: in digestive diseases (bliliary dyskinesia, biliary lithiasis, chronic cholecysititis, hepatic steatosis, viral hepatitis, hepatic cyrrosis, liver failure, enterocholitis), metabolic disorders (hypercholesterolemy, hypertriglyceridemy, hyperuricemia), diabetes, neuropsychic diseases (anxiety, depression, diminished  memory capacity, vertigo, migrens), cardiovascular diseases (cerebral and peripheral circulation failure, atherosclerosis, it normalizes arterial blood pressure values, hypotension with a tendency to lipotimia), endocrine disorders (amenorea, dismenorea, frigidity, impotence, prostate adenoma, corticosuprarenal failure, menopause, andropause), locomotive diseases (muscular contractions, myalgias), dermatologic diseases (alopecia, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis), ageing process prevention.

Rosemary is an optimal choleretic and hypocholesterolemiant. It fortifies vision and memory and it regulates the activity of central nervous system.


Rosemary Shoot Gemoderivate helps the regeneration of the hepatic functions, it rebalances hepatobiliary functions (colagog, choleretic, antispastic, anti-inflammatory), hypocholesterolemiant, it normalizes electrophoretic profile of serum proteins, it regulates the glands of internal secretion (hypophysis, suprarenal, ovarian and testicular), it stimulates cerebral circulation and peripheral capillary circulation, antioxidant (it reduces superoxidic free radicals and it slows ageing processes).


There have been no contraindications reported so far.


In case of epilepsy and hypertension, take it only if recommended by the doctor.

Avoid taking the product in the evening because it can cause insomnia.

Directions for Use:

Take a dose of 1.5 ml diluted in a small quantity of water, 1-2 times a day,  with 15 minutes before meals.

You should slowly sippe the diluted solution and hold it in your mouth as long as possible to facilitate its absorption through the oral mucosa.
 You can associate it with other glycerol hydroalcoholic extracts (gemoderivates) depending on the disorder, its duration, age, etc. The associations may be changed according to the doctor’s instructions.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Storage Conditions:

Store at a temperature of 15- 25oC, away from light and moisture, in the original package.

Keep out of reach of children.

Read the indications before administration!

Do not use it after the expiry date mentioned on the package!

Shelf Life: 5 years.

Manufacturer: HOFIGAL

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