Favilax Powder 50g

Favilax Powder
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Product Name: Favilax Powder, 50g

Form: bag of 50g

Information Leaflet:
Whether is recent or if you suffer from chronic constipation, your condition will improve by using this product.

Obviously, the intestine can be lazy, lacking in force, and needing help.

Please note - this applies to all cases of constipation - this powder helps to "re-educate" your intestines. In addition, drink daily a big glass of flat plain water or tea, usually, in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not worry, you will relax regardless of how severe is the constipation form you are suffering from. This product strengthens the intestinal muscles, restores gastric flora, inhibits the proliferation of pathogens in the colon.

It is a biliary, hepatic and intestinal trophic. It facilitates the peristalsis - contracting and dilating segments of the digestive tube - so that food can go to the anus level.

It favours evacuation and helps the food digestion to happen in optimum conditions. It improves sluggish intestinal work without irritating and perturbing the intestines. If you are constipated, you are also nervous; you cannot treat constipation without treating your nervousness as well. In addition, we offer a tea against stress. Learn to unwind and to relax. After each meal, breathe deeply 20 times, inflating the abdomen as much as possible in inspiration and sucking it,  as much as you can in exhalation.

If Favilax is not prompt enough in permanently resolving this suffering, we are able to help you with a treatment plan that includes a range of products that act synergically, rapidly and with long lasting, even irreversible effects.

It regulates intestinal transit, provides the needed trace elements (calcium, magnesium) to the body. As a result, contractions, spasms and cramps disappear.

You can choose the option that suits you best. Write to us and we will respond you.

Favilax is the ideal help in weight loss programmes. It is diuretic and laxative, refreshing, palatable and easy to take.

Indications: constipation

Directions for Use: Take it as a powder, take half a teaspoon of plant powder in the evening, before going to bed, with a glass of water or tea.

Storage Conditions: Keep at room temperature, away from excessive solar light and moisture.

Manufacturer: FAVISAN


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