Blackcurrant Bud Extract, 50 ml

Blackcurrant Bud Extract 50ml
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Product Name: Blackcurrant Bud Extract, 50 ml

Content: 50 ml

Information Leaflet:


It has an action on the suprarenal glands, mucous membranes, osteoarticular apparatus, the reproductive and urinary tracts and on the respiratory system. It is cortisol-like, it stimulates the secretion of anti-inflammatory hormones and helps the immune system, helps universal drainage (for example, the lymphatic drainage).

Ingredients (bottle of 50 ml):

blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum),hydro-alcoholic glycerine extract diluted 10% through homeopathic technique.

grain alcohol (33% of its volume )


· acute allergic syndromes, allergic bronchial asthma and allergic bronchitis, allergic oculorinithis,

· urticaria, dermatitis and dermatosis, atopic eczema,

· local  and general inflammatory syndromes, especially in mucous membranes (respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts) and in all cases of elevated ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate),

· associated treatment in: rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis,

·uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst,

· prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

Directions for Use:

Take 50 drops in small quantity of water, 2-3 times a day;

Take 75 drops in a small quantity of water once a day, in associated treatments.

In allergic syndromes, for children aged  2-7 years, the recommended dose is 25 drops in a small quantity of water 2-3 times a day.

Associated Treatments:

* Abies pectinata and Rosa canina in recurrent rhinitis and nasopharyngitis,

* Alnus glutinosa and Carpinus betulus in sinusitis,

* Corylus avellana in pulmonary emphysema,

* Ficus carica in solar erythema, sun allergy, gastritis,

*Carpinus betulus, Viburnum lantana and Juglans regia in chronic bronchitis with complications,

* Viburnum lantana in allergic bronchitis and allergic bronchial asthma,

* Ampelopsis weitchii in Dupuytren's disease,

* Juglans regia in chronic pancreatitis,

* Ampelopsis weitchii, Pinus montana and Vitis vinifera in all forms of inflammatory rheumatism,

* Sequoia gigantea, Quercus pedunculata and Betula pubescens in chronic prostatitis,

* Sequoia gigantea in prostate adenoma,

* Rubus idaeus in ovarian cysts and uterine fibroid,

* Acer campestre in optic nerve atrophy.

  Manufacturer: PlantExtrakt

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