Multiplant Bitter from 36 plants 180 ml

Bitter Multiplant
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Product Name: Multiplant Bitter from 36 plants, 180 ml

Content: 180 ml

Patient Information Leaflet:

general tonic, detoxifying, appetizer, digestive, disinfectant, it regulates blood circulation. It is recommended against stress, fatigue, indigestion, parasites, colic, bloating, pains.

Internal Use: stress, fatigue, indigestion, parasites, colic, bloating, pain
External Use: It is used as an adjuvant against: wounds, eczema, skin diseases, eye diseases, fractures, sprains, warts.


aqua, alcoholum, cynostabi fructus, hipophaes fructus, urticae herba, betulae folium, taraxaci herba, turio pini, sambuci flos, tiliae flos, ocimum herba, origani herba, chamomillae flos, juniperi fructus, serpylli herba, robinae pseudacaciae flos, calendulae flos, carvi fructus, plantaginis folium, eryngi plani herba, agrimoniae herba, avena sativa, hordeum vulgare, hyperici herba, cichorii herba, juglandis folium, quercus cortex, salcis cortex, polygoni avicularis herba, bursae pastoris herba, alchemillae herba, apii graveolentidis radix, galium herba, cynarae folium, centaurii herba, foeniculi fructus, absinthii herba, millefolii flos.

Directions for Use:

Take 1 teaspoon before meals and 1 after meals, 3 times a day; in colics, take 3 tablespoons one after the other.

Externally, it is used as an adjunct in: wounds, eczema, skin diseases, eye diseases, fractures, sprains, warts, through massages, compresses, local applications and vapors inhalation.

Manufacturer: FAVISAN


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