Ascolecithin 20 tabs

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Product Name: Ascolecithin, 20 tabs

Pharmaceutical Form: 20 chewable tablets

Patient Information Leaflet:


Lecithins are essential components of all tissues and cell membranes, representing some of the major components of brain cells. In fact, both the brain and the peripheral nervous system need lecithin in large amounts.
- Delicious tablets for a good memory! The tablets taste like chocolate!
-They improve your memory and attention abilities.

 Indications as a dietary supplement:
- memory – it increases your memorizing capacity;
- it increases concentration and attention;
- it increases intellectual efficiency;
- it increases physical efficiency (for athletes, people who are overworked physically etc.)
- convalescence.
-The lecithin in this product is based on soy, supporting the body during physical and intellectual effort.
 -Vitamin C plays an antioxidant role (it counteracts free radicals, and the highly toxic molecules that appear in the body), while maintaning capillary resistance, and improving the circulation at the level of the brain.
 -It increases the action of lecithin in the physical and mental recovery of the body and it gives you an increased resistance to colds and infections.

Ingredients per 1 tablet:

-hydrosoluble vitamins:
-vitamin C - 20 mg - 120 mg/zi - 33,33% RDI
-phosphorus - 6,5 mg - 39 mg/zi - 0,81% RDI
-powdered sugar - 3,370 mg
-soy lecithin - 0,250 mg
 - base fat - 1,350 mg
( RDI – Recommended Daily Intake )
-Energy value:
- 27,88 kcal/tablet = 116,49 kj/tablet.
 - 1 chewable tablet contains soy lecithin, vitamin C and excipients (cocoa, vanilla, chocolate essence, fat base, powdered sugar) up to 5300 mg

Directions for Use:

- Take 2 tablets, 3 times a day.
- The doses for children are to be recommended by the doctor.

-It is not recommended to people suffering from diabetes.

Manufacturer: BIOFARM

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